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Charleston-ing the way to our 2012 jewellery ranges

February 8, 2012

We’ve been rather busy here with final preparations for the launch of the 2012 Trousseau range. This season I couldn’t get enough of Art Deco art, fashion and literature and have revisited one of my favourite themes, so the influences of fashion designer Paul Poiret, illustrator Georges Barbier and author F. Scott Fitzgerald have all filtered through to produce some truly beautiful pieces.

I love the positivity of this period; the embracing of all that was new and exciting while authors like F. Scott Fitzgerald dealt with themes such as the emancipation of women and social change. It’s refreshing to look at the parallels between the second decade of this century and the issues being dealt with 100 years ago as there are distinct comparisons between the two.  The art deco period included the aftermath of the Great War and the subsequent 1930s depression, and still managed to produce hugely inspirational art, fashion, literature and architecture, not to mention new technology, so I bear in mind that within the doom and gloom we are being fed by the media and various governments regarding our economic situation, the art deco period should give us hope for the future!

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