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The Exhibition@London Fashion Week

October 8, 2009

This season LFW moved to Somerset House and its environs. Its a gorgeous setting for the designers fortunate enough to exhibit within the Somerset House grounds themselves, but only about 30% of the designers (fashion, accessories and jewellery) are actually sited there, and the remaining 70% were at 180 Strand, an imposing converted steel and glass office block 100 yards down the road. Somerset House featured exactly who you’d expect to see, Mawi and Erickson Beamon sparkled edgily and Laura Lee twinkled delicately, while at 180 Strand Jacey Withers did his usual stunning display and Alex Monroe continued his au natrel theme, complete with grass, of course. It was only a whistlestop visit and unfortunately I neglected to take my camera with me, but imagine if you will, Ostrich feather wigs, giant bows, frilly lacy colliers, a pearl encrusted top hat all juxtaposed with a cherry fascinator wearing mannequin and you’ll get a flavour of the Top Shop sponsored New Generation designers offerings. Un Nouveau Ideal over at Typepad illustrates this admirably! I love going to have a look, its much more exciting than the usual trade shows. Its a veritable visual feast and an aural cacophony, but I wouldn’t miss it for the world. And never mind the fashion, the people watching is just sublime…

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